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Vile Pirate Productions LARPs' Journal
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Below are the 11 most recent journal entries recorded in Vile Pirate Productions LARPs' LiveJournal:

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011
9:10 pm
Invitation to EvilCon XIII

Vile Pirate Productions cordially invites you to the 9th Annual EvilCon XIII. As a secret con for Supervillians, Mad Scientists, Evil Geniuses, and Henchmen, it will be camouflaged by ConCarolinas 2012, June 1-3.

This year’s Vile Pirate LARP will be a little different than previous games. We’re looking to you, the players, to have a strong hand in creating your characters. It’s a comic book world, and we’re open to all kinds of villains and minions. Of course we may tweak it a little, but our hope is to accept most any character concept.

It’s a four-color world. Think Justice League, X Men, Dr. Horrible, Phineas and Ferb. Among the super-powered, there are good guys and bad guys. You’re the bad guys, and you know it.

Most of you are not the world’s most powerful villains. If you were, you’d be a guest at EvilCon, not an attendee. (If you really want to be a guest, let us know; we may have some openings there.)

We’d like a couple of paragraphs on your character by the end of the year so we can fit everything in and have time to adjust things. If you have relationships with other players, that’s great (of course you need to talk to them first :D). If you have a nemesis good-guy, let us know. (See below for an example.)

Think costumes! We’d like to costume this one more than usual. If we have good ones, we’d like to enter EvilCon in the costume call.

We’ve got some fun things planned for EvilCon, but this LARP more than most will require players who really want to have fun with it. We hope you can all make it great. And in case you’re not 100% certain you’re coming, send us something anyway. This year is going to be more character driven then many years, so we can deal with adding and removing some characters, even at the last minute, but we can do so much more if we can work with you early. If you want to play but don’t have a character idea, let us know. I’m sure we can think of something...

-The Vile One

Contact us at info@vilepirate.com.

Here’s an example character write-up:


I’m a mad scientist, evil genius type named Mr. Terrible. I build all sorts of crazy devices in order to take over the city. Most work well enough, but I’m constantly thwarted by my nemesis Colonel Piledriver who takes every opportunity to beat me up. I favor lab coats and goggles. My sidekick, Quick Jump, has the power to jump ten feet into the air. Sadly, he only tends to steal things that are blue, but I’ve been working this into my devices.

My backstory began when my oh-so-perfect brother became student body president. Every one liked him so much, so I had to destroy him. All my attempts have backfired, and he’s just gone on and on and now he’s mayor, and so I must control his city. I must. I will. Soon. Oh, so soon. Once I get this freeze ray working.


Saturday, March 1st, 2008
1:09 pm
Change of plans...
Anyone watching for us on the Technicon 25 website may have noticed that our planned "Sinking of the Persephone" (or "How to Host a Murder when Everyone is Dead") LARP has fallen off the schedule. Unfortunately, with the limitations of an on-campus convention with off-campus hotel accomodations, we just don't see how we can run a successful LARP this year. Hopefully we will be able to run it for T-con 26.

Meanwhile, if any of you missed "Flight of the Daedalus" (our 2006 T-con LARP), we will be reprising it at ConCarolinas 2008. Come play with us?
Wednesday, April 4th, 2007
8:31 pm
Space Pirates
Wow, what a Technicon, and what a LARP. You guys, once again, blew us away. And of course went in completely different directions then we imagined. It truly is a sight to behold. That and just how fast you guys are ready to kill one another. Don't think we don't keep track of that kind of stuff.

We learned more and had a great time, and what more could you ask? Thanks again guys. You make it worth the work.

Which is why we are already working towards next year's LARP: The Sinking of the Persephone (or How To Host a Murder When Everyone Is Dead). We have this theory that starting out with the death of the entire cast will help control the violence levels, but we're not betting on it. :D
Monday, April 2nd, 2007
4:57 pm
this year's LARP -- comments and all?
OK, now's the time to get your comments in -- what worked well for you?  What didn't?  What would you like to see more of next year?  Less?  Other thoughts or suggestions?
Thursday, February 1st, 2007
7:31 am
We have begun assigning characters... If you've already dropped us a line, then we're working on a character for you.

Current Mood: devious
Saturday, January 6th, 2007
10:10 pm
t-con 2007
Yes, it's that time again -- we're busy at work on this year's T-con LARP.
Check out www.vilepirate.com/spacepirates.html -- more to come. Anyway, as
always, we'd like to start casting early, finding out who wants to play this
year and all. Please, if you'd like to join us, drop us an email with the
normal information -- what kind of a character would you like to play? How
much time do you want to spend? That'll get us started. Thanks!
Sunday, April 16th, 2006
10:39 pm
vilepirate.com up and working
Finally finished a first-draft of the website; we'll have actually useful information... oh sometime soonish. ladyinthetower keeps asking "when should I come down to talk about it?" It's mostly vilejynx and my crazy schedule between the hospital and now my family visiting and then vilejynx's and bluemeg's Tai Chi class (they're giving her a sword; it's crazy talk). Anyway, next week we'll have our first post-Daedalus VPP meeting and we'll get some idea of where we're going with Space Pirates.
Saturday, April 15th, 2006
4:23 pm
Lesson's Learned from Daedalus-Technicon
Now that we've recovered a little bit from running Flight of the Daedalus at Technicon, it's time to reflect on a few lessons learned and how to improve our next LARP. Comments are welcome, but please avoid spoilers since we may run this LARP again. Comments may also be sent to info@vilepirate.com.
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3:05 pm
Welcome to the Vile Pirate Productions Community

Welcome to Vile Pirate Productions, purveyors of fine, scurvy-free LARPs and other sundries as might fetch someone's fancy.

We'll be discussing past and future LARPs here, but a warning: we plan sometimes to run a LARP more than once, so we try to keep things here as *SPOILER FREE* as possible (just like our ship rations). So keep it in mind.

Mostly this is a place for us to announce upcoming LARPs so that you can quickly hurry over to vilepirate.com to get the full scoop. And of course mail to info@vilepirate.com will be dealt with as soon as we get back from burying our hard-won treasure.
Saturday, April 1st, 2006
11:06 am
Note for next year: Bring a power strip...
8:55 am
Lemme pitch two words to you -- "Space Pirates."
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